Mobile Fact-Finding

If there's one thing I was so eager to take on when I became a full-fledged newspaper reporter was the chance to fact-find beyond the confines of armchair reporting.  It's a lesson I pass on to you. 

Working With Press Officers

Whether they want to or not, the lonely journalist
needs information from press officers.  
In today's world of thoroughly dispensed news, entities like major corporations, city agencies and more importantly political candidates hire folks who specialize in working with journalists.  Whatever they like to be called--spokespersons, public relations officers, media specialists--their main intent there is to put their clients in the best possible light, even if it means ignoring their client's lousy attributes that make it hard for PR reps to work for them.  Some just want to control the conversation. Here's a break down of what's going on with press officers.

How News Is Consumed

Great article in the Columbia Journalism Review on news consumption.  Worth checking out.
Great article in the Columbia Journalism Review
on news consumption.  Worth checking out.
The social media trend is stronger than ever, according to The Pew Research Center, America's media think tank.  In its 2013 State of the News Media, researchers discovered:

Climbing Mount Branding

It took me several years to pick up this strategy up, which can put you ahead of the pack in your early years: BRAND YOURSELF.  It's common for job recruiters, particularly those in the news business, to Google who you are, what you represent and how knowledgeable you are.  Ruby Media Group presented a study from Execunet showing 75% of companies are required to dig up any digital dirt on applicants.  With the buyer beware notice given, here are some tips that can help you conquer the Mountain of Branding.

Interview Featured In Iona College Newsletter

David Cruz at The Bronx Times Reporter
David Cruz at The Bronx Times Reporter
To give you a sense of me, the author of News Harvest, I decided to publish this full interview from a newsletter printed by Iona College, my alma mater.  The newsletter was published by the school's Mass Communication's Department in spring 2013.  Enjoy: